EPS is a passionate and innovative team of specialists using a highly successful interdisciplinary approach to pain management in a supportive group based program.
EPS creates an environment over 12 weeks where participants and facilitators walk the journey together enhancing strengths and challenging vulnerabilities,
to nurture real change.

EPS Persisting Pain Program is achieving up to 86% positive change in quality of life and functional capacity scores.


Clients of EPS has experienced positive change in all areas of life including:

reduction in depression scores48%
reduction in anxiety scores54%
improvement in limitations due to physical health75%
improvement in limitations due to emotional problems86%
Improvement of Emotional wellbeing43%
improvement in Social Functioning36%
Increase in Physical Capacity31%
These scores are an average of EPS Persisting Pain Program participants individual scores.



Effective Solutions for Persisting Pain

EPS pain group has helped me understand all the different facets of pain – physical, psychological and neurological. This has helped me approach my pain with different strategies, allowing me to reduce my medication and is giving me a better quality of life. The knowledge and support provided by Heidi, John and Terry (the 3 Amigos!) has been invaluable!
Tracy B.